Treasury Cabinet At Kronometry 1999 LondonTreasury CabinetWhile many watch collections - like ours - are stowed away somewhere in the safe environment of any local bank, there are additional more appealing ways to safely store the one you love timepieces. Throughout a day at London some time ago we actually had some leisure time for more information on London. So in addition to being confident that we tested all local bars we actually spent a little while window shopping and that we were friendly invited inside at Kronometry 1999 on Bond Street to find out their special treasury cabinet.Besides every one of the replica watches on show our attention was caught at this amazing and fully customisable Treasury cabinet. This well made cabinet called 'The Treasury' is created by Buben & Zorweg from Austria.This top end Treasury cabinet has several modules that can fitted to your personal taste or needs. It can be used to be a bar/presentation module, 4 drawer storage module, humidor or watch winder for 4 or 16 replica watches. All modules have electronically lockable doors with shatter-proof glass to make sure your cigars feel secure. The Treasury cabinet we have seen had several watch winder modules fitted for 4 replica watches.From the center there is a large and secure safe that also includes a watch winder as well as trays for storing replica watches, jewellery along with other valuable items. Top level there are a number of drawers with watch making tools, a music box plus the electronic controls to the Led lighting, locking and alarm system. Finally you'll find a powerful HiFi sound system which will wirelessly stream your own music via Airplay.One of several coolest options that come with this Treasury cabinet was the mechanical music box that plays 'Magic Flute' (or Die Zauberflote) from W. rolex deep sea A. Mozart. One of many photos below shows the bar with needles that is certainly being 'read' with the music box. We forgot to inquire about whether it can be simple to put in a different bar with music, although unfortunately we cannot see why this can't be possible because the mechanism to read the music activity bar will most likely not change (apart from speed maybe?).The Treasury cabinet by Buben & Zorweg made quite a feeling for us, which is probably one of many ultimate home furniture to the perfect man cave. If you're searching for watch safes only, we suggest you then have a look at our set of Stockinger Bespoke Safes.Breakdown of the Treasury cabinet by Buben & Zorgweg watches . With friend of Fratelloreplica watches Gerard Nijenbrinks from in2replica watches.com.Central safe with trays for replica watches, jewellery and other watch winder.Number of tools for basic watch needs like replacing straps.Music box with an W.A. rolex ring Mozart melodyElectronic control for lighting, locking and alarm.One of many Leds inside treasury cabinet.Additional information and detailed specifications are available around the official Buben & Zorweg website.Special as a result of Kronometry 1999 inside london for some time and friendly welcome. replica ayrton senna hublot watch
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